Próximo espectáculo en Benidorm Palace: BROTHERHOOD OF MAN


First became known internationally in the early seventies with hits like “United we stand” and “Where are you going to my love”

The line up of Nicky Stevens, Sandra Stevens, Martin Lee and Lee Sheriden followed on with the continental success of “Lady” and the million seller “Kiss me kiss your baby”.

In 1976 they won the Eurovision Song Contest with the much loved song “Save your kisses for me”.The song proved to be one of the biggest selling records of all time, selling in excess of five million copies. It was number one in 33 different countries including the U.K. where it held the top spot for six weeks.

The group followed on with two more British number one’s in the shape of “Angelo” and “Figaro”. They also had a string of other hits including “My Sweet Rosalie”, “Oh Boy (the mood I’m in)”, “Middle of the night” and “Beautiful Lover”. There were also five hit albums, altogether, earning each member of the group a total of 26 Platinum, Gold and Silver Discs.

The three number one’s, as well as most of the other hits, were written by group members Lee Sheriden and Martin Lee along with Tony Hiller. As writers they have each won three Ivor Novello Awards.



The sad passing of Les Gray left a massive void on the 70’s circuit, but now the sound and hits so well nurtured and performed by Les will continue courtesy of his estate and members of the band who played and performed alongside him.
The band now perform all the well loved hits with energy and accuracy. The tight vocal harmonies and gritty guitar work so reminiscent of the original band perfectly replicated in a show that will have everybody stomping their Tigerfeet.

Since this line-up emerged in 2005 they have played many festivals, concert halls and theatres including four nationwide tours and worked with many artists such as Slade, Roy Wood, The Rubettes, Showaddywaddy ,The Hollies, The Troggs, Dave Dee,Dozy Beaky ,Mick and Tich ,Alvin Stardust ,The Glitter Band and Les McKeowns Bay City Rollers. Always bringing a spirit of fun which leaves the audience singing and dancing along with them.

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Para más información pueden llamar al 965851660

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